Leon Moorrees
Meppel, NL - July 6th 1981
Currently lives in
Zeist, NL
Plays piano since
some day in 1986
Tracker since
August 15th 1994

It started as...
I grew up in a musically talented family. At home, we had an electronic organ and a guitar. My dad played a lot of famous songs on the organ and I often watched him play. Sometimes my parents let me play on the organ (which was like pressing keys without caring for the end result). But hey! I was only a little kid back then.

Musical influences
I was three years old when my parents bought a C64. This allowed me to basically grow up with a C64. I've played many games, and I loved the music so much, that I often just started to play a game to just listen to the music. This is where my love for chiptunes has its heritage.

Learning to play the organ
One day, when I was five years old, I decided to actually try to figure out how that organ works. I mean, my dad could do it, so it couldn't be that hard? I started by pressing different keys down and hearing the notes they produced. I noticed, that the more I went to the right, the higher the sound became, and that it followed a (for me) logic pattern.

With that in mind, I tried to play a typical child's song. I started finding the first note, and then how much I had to move my hand to the left/right to find the next note, and so on. Soon after, I managed to play the melody of the song. True, I did make some mistakes but instead of restarting from the beginning, I continued playing.

This organ also had a separate keypad for the left hand which you could control the rhythm with. Since my dad always plays both hands, I wanted to try and see if I could do that too. I've seen my dad do it plenty of times so I knew the basics. I managed to get to play a song my dad usually played this way. It was so well played that my mother thought my dad was playing.

Experiencing the power of a tracker
When my brother went to Elementary School, he got in touch with the tracker`s scene and brought that home. This is how I got to know about the tracker`s scene in the first place. I watched him make music with Fast Tracker 1 and it looked cool. I tried it myself, but I just couldn't do it. At some point, my brother gave me Scream Tracker 2. This program was somehow easier and I got the hang of it.

My nickname
During Elementary School, I started as a tracker. Besides tracking, I made graphics and I was doing some programming. I was thinking, if I ever want to bring this out to the world, I'm going to need a decent nickname with a nice logo. After some thinking, I ended up with the name Chip. The name Chip suits a lot of the interests I have. For instance, I like electronic equipment, I really like the sound of Chiptune music and nevertheless, I like eating potato chips as well. Obviously, a good name is only good when no one uses it. I fired up Google and did a search for "Chip" and I ended up with way too many search results. This was simply due to the fact that Chip is a real name. I still was quite attached to this name. It then struck me. I added my Initials. Since those are "LP", I became known as LPChip.

Joining the MODPlug Community
In 2003, a search result lead me to I decided to register and send in one of my songs. The song I sent in was "To Come". After a few days, I received an email telling me that my song was added and open for the public. A few days later, A user named "Benefit of the Boomerang" listened to my song and decided to give me a review.

He wrote:
Hmmm... not much variation in this choon. And that's nasty, since this song goes on for over 7 minutes! I luv the chips in this choon, but you should've used some variation in de melodiez, basses and especially beats. it's a great effort, without a doubt, but it starts to bore rather fast, and that's too bad, since this song could kick ass!

Reading this review made me very happy. Why? Because someone took the time to download my song, vote for it and give me feedback. I decided to email him back to thank him for his review and that I agreed on what he said. He replied back to me and told me that my response was a good one. He told me that with such attitude, I could become a great tracker. We then got each other`s MSN addresses. He told me I should go to the MODPlug Central Forums and post my music there too and get in contact with other trackers.

This has given me a big push in becoming a great tracker. I learned so much from the feedback I've received and got inspired by other artists. SaMPLeMaSTeR for instance shown me the difference between working with low quality sounds vs high quality sounds, and Atlantis told me that working with VST plugins can get you things you can't get without. He also told me about mixing/mastering, and if it wasn't for him, I would never got the need to seek for realism.

Spiritual development
Next to my music, I started to gain interest in my spiritual development. I found hidden aspects/talents I didn't know I had and met people who were, like me, looking into their spiritual development. An organisation called Niburu helped me by publishing certain news that normal media refuses to publish. This gave me lots of insight.

My own company
In 2011, I attended a meditation course from Niburu called "Schumann Resonantie". I met a person there called Djai. I told him I make music and he told me, he was looking for someone who can do so. He had the idea to record this meditation onto a CD with accompanying background music. After we decided to go ahead with this, I decided that now would be a good time to start my own company.

My first cd
In 2013 I started to work on my first actual audio cd called "Floating through the fifth dimension" and got it in stores in 2015. See Discography to hear the cd and to find out where you can buy the cd or download the mp3's.